D'Meza Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Your financial success has necessitated the professional management of your wealth.  As you continue down your career path will you be able to juggle the responsibilities of your career, family, and financial security?  We provide a professional, independent, and accountable discipline in order to assist our clients in the accumulation and the preservation of their wealth.

With close to 30 years of combined experience in the financial consulting industry we are fully invested in our clients. We assist clients in the attainment of their life ambitions and the management of their wealth.  Simply stated, we help our clients accumulate, distribute, preserve and ultimately transfer their wealth. In order to do this we focus on our clients’ life events and assist our clients in articulating their goals and defining their objectives. We have developed a process based on a checklist of wealth management issues which helps our clients prepare and plan for their specific life events

With responsibility of $513 million1 of trusted client assets The D'Meza Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors does not just provide general financial advice to the average investor - we work with disciplined and thoughtful stakeholders to help achieve their unique goals.  Our holistic approach includes the coordination and communication of important information to be shared with our client's tax, legal, and risk management professionals.


Could you use a second opinion on your portfolio? Are you new to Atlanta and in need of investment advice? Whatever your needs, make an appointment for a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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1 As of May 2018